Plymouth and Huddersfield reviews

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Two recent reviews after our concerts in Plymouth and Huddersfield  in January 2012 available on the web-site!

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ASQ's Spring. Part I. Scotland and England

To be sure that the ASQ's blog is read not only by "bloggers", but but all of you, please leave your comments after our posts. Thanks! Very interesting and intensive tour in Scotland (11 concerts) and England (6 concerts) took place in March 2011. Why we are writing about it only in June? The reason is very simple. Now it seems even more interesting than right after the tour! Of course, we were very happy to visit all places we have never been before. We have been to Scotland before but that was only single concerts, which did not allowed us to feel real flavor of the country. I think that three weeks still not enough for that reason, but at least we have tried that! We appreciate very much warm hospitality of local people and had very nice and unforgettable experience there. The most exciting part of the tour went in the very north part of Scotland - Thurso and Orkney Islands, the northeast places in Quartet's geography.

Весенний сезон Атриума. Шотландия и немного Англии

Весенний сезон квартета выдался крайне интенсивным и интересным. Все началось в довольно прохладной Шотландии, в самолм начале марта, где мы успели сыграть 11 концертов и побывать на самом крайнем для квартета севере, а если точнее, на Оркнейских островах. Само по себе путешествие по Шотландии доставит любому путешественнику массу удовольствия от встречи с удивительной по красоте природе. О людях речь пойдёт позднее. Только погода не была идеальной на всем нашем пути. На тех же островах за полтора дня погода менялась с десяток раз, от града, дождя и ветра, до ослепительного солнечного сияния. Ещё запомнились посещения Королевского замка в Linlithgow, где родили Марию Шотландскую, и остатков другого королевского дворца в Dunfermline, места рождения последнего шотландского короля Чарльза I. И конечно, нельзя не упомянуть Эдинбург, с его великолепной архитектурой и уникальным замком, со всеми его прелестями. Перечислять все города в которых мы сыграли концерты нет смысла, да и Вам это будет не интересно. 

ASQ England Tour October 2011

Here are some impressions after our huge England tour which took place in October. 15 different places, a lot of good impressions. Some of the places we visited for third time already (Leamington Spa & Cockermouth), to few of them it was second visit (Haslemere, Hartlepool and Minehead). We are most thankful to the audience who came to listen to our concerts. Some of our Audience came to us not only once during the tour. You travelled houdred miles just to hear the Quartet once more! Many thanks for this! We appreciate it very much.

We post some of the pictures taken during the tour. Some of we already posted in our Facebook page.

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