Wigmore Hall

ASQ Wigmore Hall concert review

We are very much excited about our recent Wigmore Hall recital. Many thanks to all of our friends and music lovers who came that evening to the concert! New review after the concert is available on Seen & Heard International. You can read it here.

ASQ performs in London

ASQ Wigmore Hall recital on Sunday, 21st of November was the last concert in our November tour in the UK. After Boston, Grimsby and Abbotsholme School. That was the most exciting moment of the tour. We love to perform in Wigmore Hall and each concert brings a lot of warm feelings. Every time we perform there, in our thoughts we return back to 2003 when ASQ performed Shostakovich's fifth quartet and won the first prize at London String Quartet Competition. That was almost 8 years ago. And this year we decided to bring Shostakovich 10th to Wigmore. Together with Mendelssohn's op.13. What a moment! Looking forward to return back in coming seasons! 

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