ASQ's Spring. Part I. Scotland and England

To be sure that the ASQ's blog is read not only by "bloggers", but but all of you, please leave your comments after our posts. Thanks! Very interesting and intensive tour in Scotland (11 concerts) and England (6 concerts) took place in March 2011. Why we are writing about it only in June? The reason is very simple. Now it seems even more interesting than right after the tour! Of course, we were very happy to visit all places we have never been before. We have been to Scotland before but that was only single concerts, which did not allowed us to feel real flavor of the country. I think that three weeks still not enough for that reason, but at least we have tried that! We appreciate very much warm hospitality of local people and had very nice and unforgettable experience there. The most exciting part of the tour went in the very north part of Scotland - Thurso and Orkney Islands, the northeast places in Quartet's geography.

 The weather was not perfect, but it made the tour even more interesting. Memorable for us was also visiting Castles and Palaces in Linlithgow, Dunfermline and Edinburgh. We opened from the new side Aberdeen and Dundee, were very glad to visit for the first time Perth, Lanark, Forfar, Peebles and Kirkcaldy. Quite new experience we have got in Dundee and Kirkcaldy where we had workshops with children who study music in the schools. Children there very different to all places we have done the same kind of work before. They were very enthusiastic about the performance but we found some difficulties with the direct dialogue. In England we were very glad to return to Milverton Music Society, Bromsgrove with his beautiful Artrix. In Stratford-on-Avon we performed in Shakespeare Institute, great venue. Newport, Egremont in Cumbria, and finally beautiful charming Whitstable with oysters and sea breeze! Well, we are looking forward to be back in October for our 16-concert tour in England!